Fetal Anatomy Scan for Mothers Above 35

Fetal Anatomy Scan for Mothers Above 35


Pregnancy is one of the most magical journeys for mothers. However, in some women, pregnancy occurs slightly late than usual mothers. The pregnancy phase requires extra care, especially when it occurs at an older age. According to the experts, the chances of high-risk pregnancy increases with age. Fetal anatomy scan is a very important part of the pregnancy care. Hence, the importance of fetal anatomy scan is more significant in women who are pregnant over the age of 35. Are you 35 or above and pregnant? Now fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri has a more professional and accurate approach.

Why a fetal anatomy scan is very important, especially for older pregnant women?

Pregnant women, who are 35 or above are at a higher risk of facing issues related to birth defects, etc. Here is why.

  • Diminished egg quality because of increasing age
  • Less regulated physiological processes
  • More the age, more the chances of high blood pressure and diabetes like ailments due to lifestyle barriers
  • Reduced muscle contraction in women with advanced age

The fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri checks for any abnormalities during pregnancy. As the risks are higher in advance age pregnancy, fetal anatomy ultrasound plays a very important role in determining a healthy motherhood.

What are the risks?

The various risk factors in older age pregnancies, which a fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri detects, are:

  • Congenital birth defects in the baby
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Low Placenta
  • Still Birth
  • Complications in the mother

What will your doctor check?

The fetal anatomy scan is done between 18-22 weeks of pregnancy. The sonographer or doctor will examine a few points to analyze the health of you and your baby.

  • Weight and Length of your baby
  • Complete analogy of face for defects like cleft lip
  • Neura tube defects affecting the brain and spinal cord are usually rare but this must be checked thoroughly. Conditions like anencephaly and spina bifida are serious congenital conditions of the Central Nervous System.
  • The four chambers of the heart and a normal heart rate per minute
  • Development of both the kidneys
  • The complete anatomy of limbs and in case of any malformation in the arms, fingers or toes
  • Location of your placenta, a lower located placenta can causes problems during delivery.

Down’s Syndrome Detection, special case in Advanced Maternal Age

 A genetic disorder, which, causes hindrance in the baby’s physical and mental growth. It is detected by the fetal anatomy scan.

If any of the complications occur in the baby or mother, fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri further consults diagnosis and treatments by a fetal medicine specialist.

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