The Role of a Fetal Medicine Specialist in Pregnancy

The Role of a Fetal Medicine Specialist in Pregnancy


A maternal-fetal medicine specialist is an ObGyn specialist who has special qualifications regarding the health problems of a pregnant woman. He/she basically provides overall emergency care to the pregnant women who has a case of difficult or complicated pregnancy. Whenever during the last trimesters, a woman faces some kind of injury that might be harmful for the baby; a fetal medicine specialist takes care of the case. A fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri is well equipped with all kinds of treatments that help a would-be-mother take care of her during a complicated pregnancy. In this article we are going to discuss about the role and importance of a fetal medicine specialist in pregnancy.

Why a fetal medicine specialist is required?

For the expecting mothers who go through a complicated pregnancy from the very beginning, the gynecologists often refer them to an even more specialized doctor in the field of Obstetrics. They are commonly known as Perinatologists. They deal with high risk pregnancies and treat the patients with utmost care and support for a safe and secure delivery. Most often it has been noticed that the job of a perinatologist does not quite end with the birth and moves on to after birth procedures too.

The woman who have major health related issues before a pregnancy usually require extra care, which is provided by these fetal medicine specialists. In a place like Siliguri where the field medicine is drastically expanding with the introduction of new technologies and advanced techniques, fetal medicine specialist are also becoming a greater demand.

Since they have an expertise on this particular field, they can make patient feel more relaxed about however complicated pregnancy she has. Often it has been seen that the mothers tend to panic a lot when they come to know about any kind of complications in the pregnancy. It is then the duty of a good fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri to come forward with proper medical support so that the patient can carry forward with the pregnancy in a better way.

The common complications that are found in women during pregnancy include:


Intolerable cramp


Other abnormal health issues

Primarily these symptoms are dealt by a gynaecologist, but when further checkups and tests are done the reports are often referred to a fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri, so that there are no risk factors involved. And even if there is, it gets taken care of in the most proper way.

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