5 Key Benefits Of Level 2 Fetal Anatomy Ultrasound

5 Key Benefits Of Level 2 Fetal Anatomy Ultrasound


 An accurate ultrasound during the 18th and 22nd weeks of the pregnancy is recommended by the gynaecologists in most cases. The level 2 ultrasound or anatomy scan is the most detailed imaging test that helps doctors evaluates the proper growth and development of the fetus. 

This trans-abdominal ultrasound is highly comfortable and doesn’t impose any threat or discomfort to the woman like other minimally invasive and invasive diagnostic measures. You can visit the best gynecology hospital to undergo the fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri while ensuring the appropriate health condition of the mother and fetus. 
Here are some of the main benefits that you can attain by undergoing a Level 2 fetal anatomy ultrasound. 

1. Checks Growth Of The Fetus 

One of the main benefits of the fetal anatomy scan is that it accurately determines the growth of the fetus by looking at all the organs. It checks the fingers, toes, arms, legs, spine, brain, stomach, and heart to see normal functioning. 
Some technicians also take pictures during the ultrasound to analyze the internal organs more precisely. The measurement of the thigh bone or femur of the baby is the most essential thing because it helps in checking the growth as per the gestational age.

2. Detects Birth Defects 

Birth defects can lead to several serious complications such as developmental disabilities and physical problems. Without proper treatment, it can even cause death of the baby and this problem can be successfully avoided by detecting the defects early with Level 2 ultrasound. 
The congenital anomalies or birth defects detected during the scan include choroid plexus cysts in the brain, cleft lip, neural tube defects, Down syndrome, and heart issues. If any such issues are detected then the fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri will recommend a fetal echocardiogram. 

3. Analyses The Location Of The Placenta 

Another key benefit of Level 2 ultrasound is that it closely determines the location and functioning of the placenta. This helps to confirm that the mother is not suffering from placenta previa, which can potentially harm the baby. 
In placenta previa, the placenta covers the cervical areas that make it impossible to perform a normal delivery of the baby. Some of the other complications of this issue are premature labour, bleeding, and lack of oxygen. 

4. Evaluate the Condition Of the Umbilical Cord 

Along with analyzing the placenta, Level 2 ultrasound also has the benefit of evaluating the umbilical cord. This ultrasound can give a clear picture of the vein and arteries of the cord so that normal functioning can be confirmed. 
It will also be identified if the cord consists of two or three vessels because, in the case of a two-vessel, the baby can suffer from major growth and developmental issues. This is why, it is essential to determine the cord structure during pregnancy. 

5. Examines Fetal Movements 

Another benefit that you must know before undergoing the fetal anatomy scan is that this ultrasound can precisely examine the movement and position of the fetus. If normal fetal movement is identified then it will indicate the proper strength and size of the baby. 
Visiting the top gynecologist in Siliguri will help in understanding the best time to undergo this advantageous ultrasound. If you want to keep the memories of the baby inside your womb then you can also request the technician to give you some printouts of the ultrasound photos. 

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