5 Probable Causes Of Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy

5 Probable Causes Of Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy


In most cases, vaginal bleeding is related to menstruation but it can also be caused due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, or any underlying health condition. Bleeding during the initial period of pregnancy can be commonly caused by cervical changes, which often resolve on their own. 

If you have severe vaginal bleeding during early or later pregnancy that is also associated with other distressing symptoms then it can be a sign of a serious complication. In such scenarios, seeking the guidance of a reputed gynae doctor in Siliguri is the best option to manage the condition immediately. 

Given below are some of the possible causes of vaginal bleeding that you can experience during pregnancy. 

1. Implantation Bleeding

One of the most probable causes of bleeding during early pregnancy is implantation bleeding. This can lead you to experience slight bleeding or spotting almost 14 days after conception. When the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining this type of light bleeding occurs. 

Usually, this type of bleeding doesn’t last for longer and can be pink or light brownish. You may also experience mild cramping in the abdomen during this period.

2. Miscarriage

If you’re experiencing bleeding for a longer period then it may also indicate a miscarriage. This mainly happens before the 24th week of the pregnancy, which can be caused due to certain pregnancy complications such as blood clotting disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, and hormonal issues. 

Along with bleeding, the other symptoms that you can notice in miscarriage are cramping in the lower abdomen, absence of pregnancy symptoms, fast heartbeat, and fluid or tissue discharge from the vagina.

3. Placenta Previa 

Placenta previa or low-lying placenta can also be a significant cause of vaginal bleeding. This pregnancy complication develops when the placenta covers the uterine opening partially or completely. The placental tissue covering the areas of the cervix is considered the main reason behind bleeding. 

The bleeding not only happens during pregnancy but also during labour and delivery. The other complications of placenta previa are placenta accreta spectrum, preterm birth, and caesarean delivery. You can consult the top gynaecologist in Siliguri to control the associated complications. 

4. Vaginal Infections

Another probable reason behind bleeding in pregnancy is vaginal yeast infections. These types of infections are mainly caused due to the disruption in pH balance in the vagina associated with hormonal imbalances. 

Most women also experience thick vaginal discharge along with bleeding while suffering from yeast infections. The sores and small tears developed due to the infection are the leading cause of bleeding, which can be treated through ointments and creams. 

5. Placental Abruption 

Placental abruption is a serious complication that can cause bleeding during later pregnancy. This condition happens when the placenta separates partially or completely from the inner lining of the uterus. Some of the other signs of this problem are uterine contractions, abdominal pain, and uterine tenderness. 

It is recommended to contact a gynae doctor Siliguri to determine the main cause behind the bleeding. The doctor will first perform a pelvic examination, blood tests, or ultrasound and then evaluate the symptoms you’re experiencing to prepare an effective treatment plan for a smooth pregnancy experience. 

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