5 Tips To Get The Baby Move During An Anomaly Scan

5 Tips To Get The Baby Move During An Anomaly Scan


Genetic screening is one of the most important steps during pregnancy as it helps in diagnosing any genetic abnormalities in the baby before birth. Your doctor mainly advises you to undergo genetic testing in Siliguri if you or your partner has a family history of genetic disorders. Cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, and sickle cell anemia are some of the common disorders that can be detected during these screenings.

Apart from invasive prenatal genetic screenings, an anomaly scan is also an effective ultrasound that can confirm any abnormalities and can assist the reports of an amniocentesis. This prenatal scan is usually done during the 18-22th week of the pregnancy, and can also be used to check the development and growth of the fetus. An in-depth understanding of the movement of the baby can be gained by the doctor during the test which also enables in getting a clear view of the uterus and unborn child.

 Importance Of Baby’s Position During The Anomaly Scan

The position of the baby is one of the crucial factors to consider during an anomaly scan. If the baby is not in the correct position then it can block the view of the entire structure while stopping the doctor from determining accurate results. Herein, the sonographer always indicates that the baby needs to be in a lateral position to get a proper view of all the chambers of the heart.

Additionally, this positioning is also essential to check the development of various parts of the baby and examine the face. In some cases, the baby is idle or stubborn which stops the sonographer from examining the baby properly which eventually leads to the postponement of the scan.

Effective Tips To Move The Position Of Your Baby In The Scan

  • Gently touch the belly

Caressing or gently touching the belly is one of the best solutions to ensure mobility of the baby during the scan. This is an effective solution because if you’re continuously touching the baby for a long period then the baby will start craving for the maternal touch, which will eventually lead to some significant movements.

  • Take a quick walk

Before visiting the best gynecologist in Siliguri for the anomaly scan, you must always consider taking a quick walk. A walk for around 10-15 minutes can make the baby quite energetic and lively while leading it to move. This can also help the baby change its position during the scan for proper viewing of all the body parts.

  • Eat the favourite food of your baby

You will surely develop a food connection with your baby where you can notice a sudden change in the baby’s movement after eating a certain food. If you have any specific food code between you and the baby then you should try eating it before the anomaly scan to make the baby move.

  • Massage your belly  

Another practical tip to try if your baby is not moving during the scan is belly massage. Massaging the belly can offer a calming sensation to the baby which might encourage the baby to shift its positions. Herein, you can apply light pressure to the belly while using circular motions for an effective massage.

  • Try sweet dishes

You can stimulate the senses of the baby and provide temporary energy for movements by trying sweet dishes before the scan. Some of the dishes that you can eat to encourage the baby to change its position are chocolates, sweet foods, sugary drinks, or fruit juices.

  • Experiment with various maternal positions

To influence the posture and movement of the baby, you can consider experimenting with maternal positions. You can lie on your left side to increase placental blood flow or lean forward to make space for the baby to trigger significant movements.

You should never lose hope if the first attempt of the anomaly scan has failed. Be patient and schedule another appointment to undergo this essential genetic testing in Siliguri to know about the baby’s progress and any risk of genetic anomalies. However, if you see no changes in the fetal movement for a longer period then without any delay visit your healthcare provider.

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