A Brief About Cervical Dysplasia

A Brief About Cervical Dysplasia


Cervical dysplasia is a condition that causes abnormal or precancerous cells to grow on the surface lining of the cervix or the endocervical canal. The cervix is the opening to the uterus which is connected to the top portion of the vagina. This condition is strongly associated with an HPV infection and is common in women under age 30 but it can develop at any age.


It is vital to visit the best gynae doctor in Siliguri if you have symptoms of this condition or are at a risk of developing it as without treatment this can lead to cervical cancer. A good gynecologist provides you with the best diagnosis, treatment, expert medical care, and professional counseling to help keep your body healthy.


Although it is a serious condition that causes precancerous growth it is important to understand that most women with cervical dysplasia don’t develop cancer. A diagnosis of this condition means that you have a chance of developing cancer which mostly develops in cases where it is left untreated.


In cases of cancer forms it can take years to develop which provides enough time for the best gynecologist hospital in Siliguri to provide the necessary treatments to kill the cancer. Cervical dysplasia usually doesn't cause any symptoms and it is diagnosed during a routine Pap smear test after finding abnormal cells.


As mentioned before cervical dysplasia only develops when you have been infected with an HPV virus which is a sexually transmitted virus. Although HPV is necessary for this condition to develop getting infected with HPV doesn’t mean you'll get this condition. About 75% of all sexually active women get infected with HPV at some point and often the infections are on their own.


Although it has no symptoms some risk factors can increase your chances of getting this condition. Some of those risk factors include advanced age or being over 55 as infections can last longer with age, smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products, having a weak immune system, and others.


Treatment of this condition depends on various factors including the age and health of the person, the severity of the condition, and more. Its treatments commonly include monitoring cell growth for mild cervical dysplasia, removal of abnormal cells that has a chance of turning into cancerous cells, and medication.


All women need to get annual checkups and tests from the best gynae doctor in Siliguri as gynecological problems can affect any woman at any time. Visiting a good gynecologist can help you catch problems early which is very beneficial in getting good treatments.

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