Best Gynecologist for High Risk Pregnancy Treatments

Best Gynecologist for High Risk Pregnancy Treatments


Pregnancy is probably the most thrilling and at the same time, exhausting phase of any woman’s life. But high-risk pregnancy brings lots of doubts and fears to mind. Going through a healthy and secure pregnancy is essential for both the mother and the baby.

High-risk pregnancy increases the risk of many genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in the baby before and after the delivery. The problems may arise even after a certain period of delivery. Always be patient, mindful and seek help from a renowned gynecologist in Siliguri who will be able to guide youthrough ups and downs of your pregnancy.

Risk Factors of High Risk Pregnancy

Medical conditions before the pregnancy may increase the chance of high-risk pregnancy. Sometimes, a particular medical condition may develop during the pregnancy and causes the pregnancy to be at high risk. Some major factors of high-risk pregnancy are:

Advanced maternal age- becoming pregnant after 35 increases the risk of pregnancy

Lifestyle habit- Toxic habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. may increase the chance of high-risk pregnancy.

Existing health issues of the mother- Maternal health issues, such as diabetes, cardiac disorder, high blood pressure, obesity, lung, and respiratory diseases, infection, etc. can increase the chance of high-risk pregnancy.

Pregnancy complications- Pregnancy includes a lot of complications with it. Some of these complications can pose a potential risk. For example, unusual placenta, rhesus (Rh) sensitization, etc can create risky conditions for the pregnancy.

Previous history of pregnancy- If you already have experienced pregnancy related complications like hypertension disorder in your previous pregnancy, and then it may increase the risk for your ongoing pregnancy as well.

Steps To Be Taken

Regular consultation- Consulting with a specialist is always beneficial during pregnancy. The physician may prescribe essential prenatal vitamins and folic acid. In case, you have a medical condition, the doctor may adjust treatment to minimize the risk. Your doctor also may discuss possible genetic conditions. Maintaining healthy weight is very important for pregnancy. Daily prenatal vitamins are essential to maintain body weight and immunity.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle- Neglecting high-risk pregnancy issues can be life threatening for both the mother and the baby. Follow a proper diet and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Get plenty of sleep. Discuss with your doctor if you are already taking any supplements or medication.


Diagnosis And Treatments

Regular consultation can reduce the possibility of high-risk pregnancy. Consulting with agynae doctor in Siliguri can help you minimize the risks by providing needful medications and guidance. Different tests and regular screening, such as fetal ultrasound, prenatal cell-free DNA, and lab tests will help you determine any risk factors of pregnancy.

Your doctor also may run invasive genetic screening and cervical length ultrasound if think required. Always rely on your doctors and go for regular screening. Discuss options, in case there is any visible abnormality or risk of pregnancy, and have a memorable and secure pregnancy.

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