Can The Birth Control Pill Cause Infertility?

Can The Birth Control Pill Cause Infertility?


Recent studies show that infertility has become a serious problem among couples all over the world. Day by day it is becoming extremely difficult to become pregnant naturally. People are taking artificial assistance to conceive. There are many reasons behind such a rise in the infertility rate. But to our relief, birth control pills are not one of those many reasons. Many women today prefer taking birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But many of these women are skeptical about these pills. They believe that these pills might cause dangerous side effects like infertility. Here in this article, we shall try to throw some light on this and discuss how these pills actually work. Dr Vinayak Das, a renowned gynecologist in Siliguri, assures that birth control pills don’t cause infertility.

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1. Infertility due to Birth Control Pills - Myth or Fact

2. How long does it take after birth control to get pregnant?

3. Dr Vinayak Das

Infertility due to Birth Control Pills - Myth or Fact

We have already made it clear that birth control pills do not cause infertility. Now let us see how these pills work. These particular pills contain hormones that do not let your eggs ovulate. Ovulation is the most important part of reproduction if one is trying to become pregnant naturally. These pills contain estrogen/progesterone which stops your system from ovulating. The estrogen hormone prevents the body from producing FSH and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) – these are the two hormones that are essential for your ovaries to produce and mature egg. The progesterone e hormones also thicken your cervical mucus, which prevents the sperm from reaching your eggs. These also help in thinning the uterus lining, making it difficult for the eggs to implant.

How long does it take after birth control to get pregnant?

You are expected to start ovulating as soon as the hormones quit tricking with your reproductive system. The hormones should leave your system in about 3 months. It might take a little longer for few women. Once the hormones are out of your body, you must have standard menstrual cycles and with it, fertility returns to its natural state.

If you need more clarity on this you can book an appointment with Dr, Vinayak Das, who is a popular gynecologist in Siliguri.

Dr Vinayak Das

He has done MS (OBS and GYN) and is a brilliant gynecologist in Siliguri. He has been bringing smiles to many sad faces for the last 5 years. He has done over 50 surgeries. Patients speak of him as someone who turns their dreams into reality.

So hopefully we have successfully explained how these birth control pills work and that these do not cause infertility. You can fearlessly use these to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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