Consult Your Top Gynaecologist

Consult Your Top Gynaecologist


Gynecological issues need to be dealt with promptly and the issue affecting you needs to be sorted to its core. The gynecologist will give you proper advice and complete guidance regarding the treatment procedure and the medications to take on a regular basis.


You can consult your top gynaecologist in Siliguri for getting your regular gynecological checkup, or in case any specific gynecological issue is bothering you. There are different processes that one uses for the identification of a particular medical condition and the same goes for the field of gynaecology.

Below mentioned are the tests that are commonly done by a practicing gynecologist in a hospital:

  • Screening tests are done for cervical cancer. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus and cervical cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women. Women have to either undergo an HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) test or a pap smear test to ensure that they do not are not carrying any cancerous cells in their cervix.
  • A screening test can also be done for detecting the presence of breast cancer cells in the body, which is referred to as a mammogram.
  • A biopsy is again done to check for the presence of cancer cells in the cervix. A cervical biopsy, a biopsy of the vulva, .or of the uterus (endometrial biopsy) can be done.
  • Sterilization is a complete and permanent birth control procedure done by a hysterectomy. It is run by either blocking or disrupting the fallopian tubes inside the woman's body.
  • Laparoscopy, through which the uterus is tested. Pelvic pain or other abnormalities are detected through a device called a laparoscope, which is used by doctors to perform this procedure.
  • Pregnancy testing is done through a simple urine test. 99% of these tests are accurate.

Women need their pelvic checkups done on a regular basis due to the following reasons:

  • Once women become sexually active, they need their annual pelvic checkups done in order to ensure that there is no infection related to the reproductive area or any kind of virus associated with sexually transmitted diseases, for instance, the herpes simplex virus.
  • Women need their pelvic checkups done, including pap smears, to ensure that there is no growth of cancerous sales in the reproductive area. The annual pelvic checkup can help in the early detection of cancer and can save a woman's life. 
  • Any unusual odor, discharge, or abnormal bleeding related to the pelvic area may also require the woman to get her pelvic checkup done.


A woman living in or near Siliguri can consult a gynae doctor in Siliguri for any other serious gynecological issues, for instance, polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis. The majority of the women prefer a female gynecologist, who would make them comfortable to open up about their issues.


Gynecology as a subject is a complicated one and it is important that you consult a top and renowned specialist in this field so that you get the best possible treatment for yourself in case any serious gynecological issue is bothering you. Also, for getting your regular tests done it is essential that you are subjected to a proper environment with good technicians who are well-versed in their subject and are at great ease handling modern pieces of equipment.

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