Genetic Counselling Testing

Genetic Counselling Testing


The genetic counselling is one of the major parts of pregnancy testing because women will get to know all the things that are interrelated with the family heredity history. It is taken by the professional who is well qualified in both genetics and counselling to talk about the conditions related to the ongoing pregnancy. The genetic counselling for pregnancy is also very popular in Siliguri as most of the women likes to know about the inherited condition. It is also highly recommended to the patient before going for fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri because this process will give a complete bio of the condition which may or may not be inherited from one or both parents.


Knowing the genetic condition via regular testing


During pregnancy, the regular testing and medical check-up are a most and one that should be included prominently in the counselling process. Most of the couples try to skip this process even if there is the recommendation of the counsellor, well if you are also thinking to do the same then, remember it isn't a smart idea. Some of the common things that you can expect while doing genetic counselling session are:


  • The conversation about the illnesses or conditions that are common in your family
  • Learning about the genetic conditions and how they are inherited
  • Knowing the different tests options that can be applied for this
  • Listening to the advice of managing and improving the condition with treatment
  • Getting the insight into the available support and resources to solve the condition
  • Immediately organizing the genetic tests for further treatment


You will not get to know anything about the pregnancy without getting insight into the genetic condition. The counsellor may ask you about the genetic health problem that you and your partner may have or any past pregnancy with genetic issues. Take this step as the testing not as the conversation session because most of the pregnancy hospitals have this service and include this as the part of testing. You will have complete freedom to express your views on the present pregnancy condition. Once the conversation is done the conclusion would be to go for another testing process that will define whether the unborn baby has a risk of getting caught with any genetic birth defects and health issues or not.


As genetic counselling has become more valuable and some pregnancy genetic threats are known after this, the process of fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri have revolutionized from this.






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