How A Gynae Doctor Can Help You

How A Gynae Doctor Can Help You


Sexually transmitted diseases are caused due to unprotected sexual intercourse, having multiple sexual partners, or sharing instruments used during sexual activity, such as sex toys. The most common cause of the formation of genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection. Oral warts may also occur due to an STI.

Having a sexually transmitted infection is something that might be considered to be embarrassing by many. However, it is important that as a resident of Siliguri, you consult gynecologistist in Siliguri and get your condition treated. A sexually transmitted infection can give rise to further complications and before things become more severe or get out of your hand, you must remove the roots of the disease from your body.

In case you happen to notice any abnormal discharge from your breasts or your vagina, consult a gynecologist without further delay. The presence of any abnormal hard lump on the breast must get immediately checked because it might indicate breast cancer. Cancer in its early stages is treatable and patients recover completely from the condition. 

Discoloration of urine, presence of blood in the urine, and having a burning sensation while urination is a few indications of urinary tract infection or any sexually transmitted infection. If you experience painful urination, having the urge to urinate but are unable to do so or pain in the lower portion of your body, including your back and abdomen, chances are that there might be some imbalance in your urinary system, such as the growth of kidney stones.

Painful or irregular menstrual cycles, painful sexual intercourse, and disbalance of hormones are issues that numerous women are dealing with nowadays because our present lifestyle has made us more prone to stress and we are unable to relax even for a short time. Endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and tumors in the reproductive area have become common occurrences in the present time.

The key takeaway here is that as a sexually active individual, you must always practice safe sex. It must also be noted that certain viruses like human papillomavirus increase your risk of having cancer. This includes vaginal, cervical, ovarian, uterine cancer, and even oral cancer in certain cases.

You can consult a gynae doctor in Siliguri for further insights on different methods of masturbation and safe sex. They will provide you with the necessary guidance regarding the same. Remember to always stay protected no matter what because it will impact the quality of life you lead in the long run.

A gynecologist is someone you will feel comfortable opening up to and sharing about the issues that are affecting your body. You can also share the details of the sexual activities you have partaken in without the fear of being judged because a professional is treating you. Complete privacy is guaranteed between the doctor and their patients as per protocol and you can be sure to curb the illness in your body.

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