Know About Level 2 Ultrasound Testing

Know About Level 2 Ultrasound Testing


The level 2 ultrasound is a pregnancy ultrasound test that gives you the sight of your developing baby. This ultrasound procedure is also known as the 20-week anatomy scan. It is because this detailed scan is done at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. This significant pregnancy test is also done in all the top pregnancy hospitals of Siliguri. With the help of fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri, special attention is paid towards the growing baby. The fetal structures like stomach, spine, brain, bowel, kidneys, limbs, face and urinary bladder are checked by level 2 ultrasound.

Get the glimpse of your growing baby

There will be a different excitement and happiness after getting the first look of your baby. This happy feeling will be delivered to you by the level 2 ultrasound process. Both your concerns about the developing baby and a fascinating sneak peek of a little angel will be cleared by this ultrasound process.

The medical practitioner always recommends and advice the patient to go for the ultrasound anatomy scan. This scan is applicable for all moms-to-be and it is essential even though if you had a first-trimester sonogram. Yes, the level 1 scan will give you the date of pregnancy but for details level 2 sonogram is a must. Get all the additional information and the update regarding the growth of your baby. This scan will definitely free up a lot of stress and make you go home with a heart full of happiness.

The indications of the level 2 scan are quite simple and effective. The expecting mothers will get what she wants with this pregnancy ultrasound. In order to have a comprehensive anatomy assessment, the specialist will get views from all the different angles. Some of the most significant results of this scan are:

  • In a few cases, the structural abnormalities like anencephaly, skeletal dysplasias and absent liquor are seen
  • Detection of abnormalities means timely and safe medical termination of pregnancy
  • Detection of soft markers like hypoplastic nasal bone, echogenic focus in heart and choroid plexus cysts
  • Recommendation of the follow-up testing if necessary after the ultrasound procedure

Settle yourself in the calmest way for the level 2 ultrasound process. The fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete the detailed scan with a clear shot picture.

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