Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing For Fetal Aneuploidy

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing For Fetal Aneuploidy


It is very important to ensure the health of your baby right from the fetal stage. It might sound surprising to you but most of the genetics can be analysed from the fetus itself. The conditions that could cause any problem in the fetal is tested by an expert called the fetal medicine specialist. The non-invasive prenatal testing in Siliguri helps in testing, diagnosing and treating various defects of the fetus and pregnancy.

What is non-invasive prenatal testing?

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), is a method of determining the risk that the fetus is going to be born with certain genetic abnormalities. During pregnancy, a number of the baby’s DNA passes into the mother’s bloodstream. The non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) analyses the genetic information contained during this DNA to screen for a variety of abnormalities. The test is especially sensitive to mongolism. This testing analyzes small fragments of DNA that are circulating during a pregnant woman’s blood. These small fragments usually contain fewer DNA building blocks and arise when cells die out and obtain weakened and their contents, including DNA, are released into the bloodstream.

During pregnancy, the mother’s bloodstream contains a mixture of DNA that comes from her cells and cells from the placenta. The placenta is tissue within the uterus that links the fetus and therefore the mother’s blood supply. These cells are dropped into the mother’s bloodstream during pregnancy. The DNA in placental cells is typically just like the DNA of the fetus. Analyzing DNA from the placenta provides a chance for early detection of certain genetic abnormalities without harming the fetus.



What is fetal aneuploidy?

Fetal aneuploidy may be a condition where the fetus has one or more extra or missing chromosomes leading. to either a nonviable pregnancy, offspring which will not survive after birth or surviving newborn. with congenital birth defects and functional abnormalities.

It is often caused by a failure of homologous chromosomes to separate properly at meiosis or mitosis, a phenomenon called nondisjunction. There are two sorts of aneuploidy namely high popularity and hyper ploidy the hyper polarity is when the chromosome number decreases from the traditional, while because the hyper polarity is when the chromosome number increases from the traditional.



The prevalence of non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidy

Many times, the defects can be detected at a fetal stage just in the case of Down Syndrome. The non-invasive prenatal testing is a great non-harmful technique to detect the cases of fetal aneuploidy.

The non-invasive prenatal testing in Siliguri is well-equipped and helps in effective and thorough check for any problems.


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