Repeat Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Repeat Ultrasound in Pregnancy


The process of ultrasound is repeated because of the incomplete visualization of the fetus and also detection of fetal abnormalities. Ultrasounds are a completely safe testing method for pregnant women. It is regarded as normal even if future mother has five scans despite having a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy.

There is no issue in having repeated ultrasound during pregnancy because the process is more accessible and affordable now. You can expect more than usual ultrasound scan if you are facing the trouble of high-risk pregnancy. The repeated ultrasound is given to the patient as a part of the fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri. It is also highly prioritized if the unborn child has a condition that needs close follow up.

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  • How many times should you go for an ultrasound during pregnancy?
  • Are multiple ultrasounds safe during pregnancy? 
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How many times should you go for an ultrasound during pregnancy?

As a mother to be, it is your responsibility to be aware of the number of times you should go for ultrasounds. You may be very excited to know the result but at the same moment, the rules of the ultrasound scan should also be followed. The specialists often advise undergoing two ultrasounds in the space of 9-month duration of pregnancy.

Your first ultrasound will take place in the first trimester which confirms the due delivery date. At this point, the baby is not that much developed to recognize. The second ultrasound will take place at the 18th weeks which is an important fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri. This ultrasound session checks the presence of normal anatomy in your child. It is also the procedure that helps in identifying the gender of the baby.


Are multiple ultrasounds safe during pregnancy? 

Various studies and research have claimed that there is no harm in having multiple ultrasound examinations during pregnancy. The repeated process is unlikely to cause any harm to the developing fetus. There will not be any long term difference in the growth and development of a child due to the multiple ultrasound scans.

The repeated ultrasounds take place when needed as the fundamental part of fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri. Depending upon the need and suspecting the issues in the baby, more ultrasounds can be followed. The research has been proven right in the physical and developmental growth of children. No negative effects are seen in the fetus after multiple or repeated ultrasound during pregnancy.

You have to be aware and wise about the ultrasounds in pregnancy. If you are not quite sure about fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri or repeated ultrasound then, consult your doctor. Taking this step is very significant because the condition in every woman's body is different.

Note: This medical blog is entirely based upon the output of repeated ultrasound during pregnancy. Further, more valid proven opinions are placed regarding the number of times the ultrasounds can be repeat and safety of the multiple ultrasounds.      

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