The Importance of Fetal Anatomy Scan in a Pregnancy

The Importance of Fetal Anatomy Scan in a Pregnancy


The fetal anatomy scan is the kind of sonography that is specifically done on the woman who is in her third trimester. This specialized scan is done to check the vitals of the fetus that is growing inside the mother’s womb. It is a very important scan that tells the doctor if there is any kind of problem that the fetus is having. And if the fetus is diagnosed with any kind of disorder or defects then the fetal medicine specialist is consulted thereafter. A feta medicine specialist covers all the medical requirements that the mother and the fetus have before birth. That is why centres for fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri serve a big deal in this sector of pregnancy and child birth.

The relevance of fetal anatomy scans in pregnancy

The fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri, very successfully helps in determining factors like the development of the baby’s physical structure and if there are any birth defects that the child has. Apart from these they look into more detailed study which includes the following:

This scan is very beneficial in order to gather information regarding the brain and the head of the child. So if there is any rare kind of defect that is diagnosed, the doctor finds it more convenient to take precautions prior to the birth.

Birth defects like cleft lip and mount can also be diagnosed through this scan if the baby’s position is good.

It also gives a detailed view of the baby’s spinal cord and the bones that are aligned in an order. So if the baby develops some kind of genetic disease in the spinal cord it gets diagnosed well.

The fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri has been successful in diagnosing and getting a vivid picture of the baby’s abdominal wall and the internal organs. Diagnosing diseases through this scan has been very beneficial for the pregnancy cases.

The heart of the baby can be seen at a very early stage of pregnancy. In the last trimester when the fetal anatomy scan is conducted, however, the doctor can get more detailed information about the heart conditions of the baby.

This particular scan can also give a view of the urinary system of the child. The kidneys and the flow of urine to the bladder can also be seen in this specialized scan.

Therefore it is very important for the fetal medicine specialists to get this scan done for a safer delivery and better health conditions of the baby and the mother.

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