The Importance Of Genetic Testing

The Importance Of Genetic Testing


Genetic testing involves examining your DNA the chemical database that carries your body's functions. It is used to look for changes or mutations or variants in your genes that may cause illness or disease. Genetic testing can provide a diagnosis for genetic conditions or information about your risk to develop cancer or other major illnesses. Although this testing provides important information for diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses, a positive result doesn't always mean you'll develop a disease and a negative result is not a guarantee that you won't.


People or families who are concerned about inherited conditions can visit genetic doctors in Siliguri and take genetic counseling. Genetic tests are done by taking a blood or a spit sample, examining it thoroughly and the results come in after a few weeks. As in most cases, you'll share the same DNA as your family members they have a high chance of having anything found in you during genetic testing.


Genetic testing is most commonly used to check a personal or family history of genetic conditions like a birth defect, chromosomal disorder, or hereditary cancer. Genetic counseling can also be used in cases like two or more pregnancy losses, a child with a known inherited disorder, a birth defect, intellectual disability, pregnancy after the age of 35, abnormal test results, children of people related by blood, and much more.


There are many types of genetic tests as there is no single test to determine all genetic conditions. Tests are individualized based on your needs, history, and the condition you're being tested for. A few of those many genetic tests are as follows.


Single Gene Testing


Single gene testing is the kind of genetic test that only looks for changes in one gene from your DNA. It is done if the specialist believes you have the symptoms of a specific condition or if there is a known genetic mutation in the family.


Panel Testing


A panel test is the kind of genetic test that looks at many genes in one test for changes and is grouped into categories based on different kinds of medical concerns. Panel testing can also be grouped Into genes associated with a higher risk of developing cancer like breast, or colon cancer.


Large-Scale Genomic Testing


There are two types of large-scale genetic tests which include exome sequencing and genome sequencing. 

Exome sequencing is used to look at all the genes in the DNA or the genes that are related to the condition while gnome sequencing is the biggest genetic test and checks all of the person's DNA and not just the genes.


Genetic consultation is also an equally important part of deciding on genetic testing. Visit the best genetic doctors in Siliguri to get expert advice and good genetic counseling to check your or your family's concerns about inherited or many more conditions and genetic testing.

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