The Most Common Birth Defects

The Most Common Birth Defects


Congenital conditions or birth defects are those that are diagnosed or observed since birth. Therefore, they are known as birth defects or congenital abnormalities.Here are some common birth defects that are detected by the fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri.

Undeveloped limbs

There are many defects having to try to with limb development, but there’s also the likelihood these appendages won’t develop in the least. this is often referred to as limb reduction. And it’s actually more common than you think that. this will be a very difficult defect to treat, because it may involve a lifetime of prosthetics or surgeries.

Spina bifida

This congenital anomaly starts within the baby’s spine and should cause long-lasting problems, particularly within the legs. Rachischisis occurs when the structure within the fetus that eventually forms the brain and medulla spinalis doesn’t close all the way. this will ultimately end in nerve damage also as physical and intellectual disabilities.

Cleft lip

Essentially, a harelip is when the baby’s born with a gap at the lip and therefore the same thing can happen on the roof of the mouth. Doctors can typically repair the defect, and your baby is probably going to measure a completely normal life going forward.

Down syndrome

You’ve definitely heard of this defect. The specialist for fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri explains that the condition occurs when there’s an additional copy of chromosome 21 (there are typically 23 pairs of chromosomes to a cell), thus leading to developmental delays. There also are physical traits related to this defect, like low muscular tonus, a little stature, and eyes that slant slightly upward.

Heart defects

Though it'd seem strange, it’s relatively common for a new born to possess heart problems. Eight out of each 1,000 babies are born with some quite heart disorder, including issues with the gut’s rhythm or the particular structure of the organ. As far as what causes them, genetics and medications or infections during pregnancy are often risk factors. for many parents, though, the cause is usually unknown. Fortunately, most cases are mild enough that the kid can live well into adulthood with none issues


For a parent, birth abnormalities are often extremely worrying — but you shouldn’t stress an excessive amount of if your baby has clubfoot. This defect causes the baby’s feet to be misshaped. Typically, doctors can treat this defect without surgery within the early months of life. However, it must not be ignored. Bigger problems can develop in future, like arthritis or issues walking normallyand this might end in some self-esteem issues, too. Risk factors include case history, also as infections and narcotic use during pregnancy.

Are you worried about such conditions? Learn more about fetal health from the specialist in fetal anatomy scan in Siliguri.

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