Top 9 Healthy Habits To Prevent Gynecological Cancers

Top 9 Healthy Habits To Prevent Gynecological Cancers


Gynecological cancers are serious medical conditions that can negatively affect any reproductive organ of a woman. Some of the common types of gynecological cancers that can reduce your life quality are ovarian, cervical, vulvar, vaginal, and uterine cancer. If you experience any early signs of these cancers then it is essential to contact the best gynecologist in Siliguri

Reproductive system infections, obesity, family history, and age are some of the common risk factors for developing these cancers. This is why it is essential to adopt certain lifestyle modifications to prevent gynecological cancers. Herein, the doctor may recommend HPV, genetic, and Pap smear tests to refer you to the best measures to reduce the risks of the cancers. 

Given below is a detailed description of the healthy choices that you can make to prevent gynecological cancers. 

1. Schedule Routine Pap tests 

Pap smear can be one of the most effective tests that can detect early stages of cervical cancers by looking for any cell alterations. This is why you must schedule regular Pap tests as per the advice of a doctor. 

2. Eat a Healthy Diet 

To lower the chances of gynecological cancers, it is also important to indulge in a nutritious diet. You must eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein-rich foods to ensure a healthy reproductive system. 

3. Stop Smoking 

The chances of developing reproductive cancers are higher among women who have a history of smoking. You must also take the required steps and quitting aids for smoking cessation to minimize the chances of any cancer. 

4. Practice Safe Intercourse 

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) has an association with cervical cancer and this makes it pivotal to prevent any STDs. This can be done by adopting safe intercourse practices such as regular usage of condoms. 

5. Don’t Ignore Any Abnormal Signs 

It is highly important to contact the top gynae doctor in Siliguri immediately if you witness any abnormal signs. Some of the early signs of gynecologic cancers are pelvic pressure, abnormal bleeding, vulvar itching, and bloating.  

6. Stay Active 

Another healthy choice that you can adopt to prevent gynecological cancer is staying active. Exercising for around 30 minutes can take care of your entire body while enabling it to fight back against various diseases including cancer. 

7. Get Vaccinated

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can increase the risk of vulvar, cervical, and vaginal cancers. You can talk to your doctor and get an HPV vaccine to reduce the risks of being affected by this viral infection. 

8. Share Your Family History 

Personal or family history of cancers can make you prone towards developing gynecological cancers. You can schedule a family history awareness assessment so that the doctor can schedule regular check-ups accordingly. 

9. Maintain Proper Body Weight 

To lower the chances of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain proper body weight. This is because women who are overweight or obese are prone to being affected by all types of cancer. 

Proper planning about lifestyle changes and healthy choices can be done by scheduling regular gynaecological check-ups with a renowned gynae doctor in Siliguri. It is always said that prevention is better than the cure so you must always remember to take care of your reproductive system to reduce the risks of permanent infertility and organ damage. 

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