What Are The Uses Of Genetic Testing?

What Are The Uses Of Genetic Testing?


Genetic testing is a medical test that helps identify changes or mutations in the chromosomes, genes, or proteins. Its process involves examining a person’s DNA to check for changes and it can reveal mutations in their genes that can cause illnesses or diseases.


There are many kinds of genetic testing and they are commonly used to provide information on preventing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses. For any type of genetic disease or problem, you can visit a specialist who offers the best genetic testing in Siliguri to get the finest diagnosis and treatment.


This test is performed using blood or spit sample and it provides a diagnosis for various genetic conditions like Fragile X syndrome. Different types of genetic testing are used for different reasons and some of the uses of different genetic testing are as follows:


Diagnostic Testing: It is the kind of test that is used to identify a specific genetic or chromosomal condition. Diagnostic testing is mainly used to confirm a diagnosis of a suspected condition based on the physical signs and symptoms of a person. 


Carrier Testing: This test is recommended for people who have a family history of genetic disorders or people with an increased risk of a specific genetic condition. Carrier testing is used to diagnose and identify people with one copy of a genetic mutation which when present in two causes a genetic condition.


Prenatal Testing: It is the type of test that’s performed during pregnancy and is used to detect changes in the unborn baby's genes or chromosomes. Prenatal testing is commonly done when the unborn baby has an increased risk of developing a genetic disorder.


Newborn Screening: It is one of the most common types of genetic testing and is done to screen newborn babies for certain genetic abnormalities that can cause other conditions. Newborn screening is an important test as it can diagnose and identify several disorders that can be treated early.


Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing: These tests are used to help people who have a family history or a member with a genetic disorder but have no symptoms of the condition themselves. Predictive testing can identify the mutations that can increase a person's risk of developing a condition as genetic disorders can develop later in life.


If you have any symptoms or a family history of a genetic condition or a disorder, it is highly recommended that you visit a specialist who provides the best genetic testing in Siliguri. A specialist provides professional facilities for the best diagnosis and treatments of several genetic conditions and disorders.

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