What Does NIPT Test For?

What Does NIPT Test For?


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases not only in the woman’s life but also the couple bearing it. A very special and memorable beginning of parenthood, pregnancy comes with its own unforgettable moments. However, amid the special events of life, we always want to ensure that it does not come with any complications. Similarly, you and your baby at the foetal stage must take care of your health for preventing any complexities in future. For this purpose, the best centre for non-invasive prenatal testing in Siliguri helps you deal with any second thoughts beforehand.

The test is conducted in pregnant women to detect any kind of existing and occurring disorders in the foetus at the chromosomal level. Although it is recommended to every pregnant woman, but women with following situations should emphasize on getting it done.

  • Women of age 35 and above
  • History of child born with deformities
  • Usual ultrasounds speak of doubt
  • Have some chromosomal condition in them

Table of contents: 

  • What does NIPT screen for?
  • How is NIPT performed?
  • Tips to follow for women going to NIPT

What does NIPT screen for?

The best non-invasive prenatal testing in Siliguri believes that it is really essential for every mom-to-be to be conscious and aware of their underlying health conditions as they are potentially capable of surpassing it to their offspring. However, with early screening and diagnosis, any possible complication could be curbed. What might be the conditions that NIPT is testing during your pregnancy?

  • Down Syndrome- Caused by an extra chromosome 21
  • Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)
  • Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome)
  • Gonosomal aneuploidies (XYY syndromes, Klinefelter, Turner, triple X)
  • Common microdeletions &duplications

Not only does it test for chromosomal deformities but it also has a broad range of other benefits

  • Prevents invasive testing during pregnancy
  • Aids no risk to the mother and the foetus
  • Best examination for detecting Down’s syndrome
  • Quick results

How is NIPT performed?

With absolutely no risk to your baby and you, the non-invasive pre-natal testing in Siliguri brings one of best platform for pregnant women and their families to get their baby’s future tested without any stress. It is a painless procedure done under professional supervision. Your blood sample is taken and sent to the laboratory for testing and analysis by technicians in the favourable conditions. You can expect your results just in two weeks. The genetic counselling is also addressed to couples in case of any doubts.

Tips to follow for women going to NIPT

It is a normal test during your pregnancy without any room for risk and side-effects conducted around the 10th week depending on the doctor’s advice. Here are some points you should know to prepare better for the non-invasive prenatal testing in Siliguri.

  • You might be suggested to go through an USG for knowing the age and development of foetus.
  • You can seek for counselling from the expert in any case.

Are you expecting a baby soon? Make sure you take extra care of you and your baby. Talk to the best maternal expert in your region.

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