Your Best Gynecologist For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Your Best Gynecologist For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment


A woman’s vaginal health plays a big role in her overall gynecological well-being. A woman’svagina is receptive to a lot of unwanted diseases that can hamper the overall gynecological health. That is why women are asked to maintain proper vaginal hygiene for improved health. But even after precautions, disorders do seem to squeak through.  


One of the many disorders that affect a woman is Bacterial Vaginosis disorder. The disorder is caused by bacteria and influences vaginal irritation and uneven discharge. Proper help from the best gynecologist in Siliguri can help you contain the disorder and prompt you to jump back to life easily and comfortably. 


An Overview On Bacterial Vaginosis


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a vaginal disease brought about by microorganisms, especially bacteria. It is the most normal reason for uneven vaginal discharge that occurs in women going through their reproductive period. Bacterial vaginosis may cause a "fishy" smell and cause vaginal irritation in certain women. Others might not have any side effects.


Bacterial vaginosis is related to poor obstetrics and gynecologic results, for example, preterm delivery, the disease after medical procedures like a hysterectomy, and may make women more defenseless to sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV.



Women Who Are Susceptible To Bacterial Vaginosis


Anybody with a vagina can get bacterial vaginosis (BV), regardless of whether you haven't had intercourse. However, that is interesting. It normally happens in individuals who are physically dynamic. You might have a higher chance of getting BV if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • If you do not utilize condoms or dental dams
  • Have an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Use douches
  • Sexual History and frequency 


The Cause Of Bacterial Vaginosis

Your vagina is home to numerous sorts of microscopic organisms (called a microbiome), very much like your stomach and the digestive tract. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) happens when a portion of the vaginal microbes develop more rapidly than others. A lot of kind of microbes prompts an irregularity in vaginal health which prompts this condition. 


The Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis


Up to 84% of individuals with bacterial vaginosis (BV) don't have side effects. Assuming you do,

you might have:

  • Grayish, dim, or greenish vaginal release (liquid)
  • Release a "fishy" scent
  • "Off-putting" smell that is most prominent after sex or during the feminine cycle
  • Once in a while, a bothersome or sore vagina




Vaginal Health is a major facet of a woman’s gynecological health. That is why you need to intervene in this disorder with timely care and trusted treatments. This bacterial infection can be a mild thing but it can incite other disorders in women. That is why you must consult with the best gynae doctor in Siliguri. They can formulate a treatment plan to battle your condition. 


As soon as you see the sign of this disorder seek help. A proper course of antibiotics and other attested treatments can relieve your discomfort and helps set your uterine and gynecological health straight. Along with that you should also try practicing safe sex along with contraceptives and try to maintain proper vaginal hygiene. 

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