Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition occurring in a child due to the mother's exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. It is a condition which causes growth problem and the problem with behaviors and learning in a child. The problems can vary from one child to the other but its defects are not reversible. Drinking alcohol during the time of pregnancy is never considered a good habit. When you drink during those high stages of pregnancy you are putting the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome in your child. You will get all the important information about this condition from the fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri. The ones who describes its symptoms, complications, and risk factors also recommends the treatment solution.


How fetal alcohol syndrome does affects a child?

A child with fetal alcohol syndrome has small eye openings, thin upper lip and groove between nose and upper lip. Some other affects that can be seen in a child due to fetal alcohol syndrome are:


Poor growth

Right from the birth of a baby, the growth deficiency can be seen straight away. The baby may have low birth weight and small head sizes just after birth. The child may not grow or even gain weight in comparison to the other children.

fetal medicine sspecialist in siiguri with baby growth deficiency


Birth defects

The birth defects will also start to appear in a baby due to fetal alcohol syndrome. The babies that are on the way of developing may struggle with the heart, bone and kidney problems. Vision loss and loss of hearing capacity are the other two common problems that will be part of birth defects.



Fetal alcohol syndrome can also interrupt the normal connection between the nerve cells in the brain leading to seizures. Other neurological problems like poor balance and coordination can also be expected due to this condition. Before this disorder takes place, certain signs and symptoms can be seen in a child.


Delay in development

The developmental delay in a child is a condition during which the child doesn't reach their developmental milestone at the expected time. The child may lag behind in a developmental process due to other physical and mental problem apart from fetal alcohol syndrome.


Behavioral problems

A child may also have the behavior problem even at an understandable age. Problems like poor motor skills, lack of coordination, poor social skills, learning difficulties stubbornness and concentration problem can be seen.


The fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri can help in identifying the problem. Confirming the diagnosis of the condition can really help a child reach full growth potential.


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