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The advancement of medical science prevent many dangers and come out with health care measures where one can deal with the risk and challenges of life. A high-risk pregnancy is one such situation when a person is looking for advance knowledge of obstetric, medical, genetic, and surgical complications of pregnancy to stay away from the challenges. Perinatology or fetal medicine focuses towards such concerns where the mother and the fetus are taken under special care prior, during or after the birth of a child. There is always a need for such prenatal tests, surgeries, and treatment to prevent birth defects and other complication related to pregnancy and the birth of a child. Fetal Medicine Specialist in siliguri Fetal medicine specialists are dealing with such cases where things can be better undertaken with advanced research and studies. Even in small towns and cities, the need for such specialists is required to maintain safety and finding ways to assist pre-existing health concerns. Fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri bring the change in the treatment procedure and make the things under control with their experience and studies regarding high-risk pregnancy. Dr Vinayak Das is considered as one of the most trusted medicine specialists classify the risks and complications during pregnancy by focusing on the disorders including the heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorders, kidney issues and other infectious diseases.

Scope of Fetal Medicines

The risk during the time of pregnancy can be effectively managed by the fetal medicine specialist as they monitor the conditions and take care of the pregnant women related to complications. The fetuses are at risk with complications like preterm labour, pre-eclampsia, and twin or triplet pregnancies. Even chromosomal or congenital abnormalities along with the issues with infections, genetic disease, growth restriction, and maternal disease can be treated through several tests and monitoring. The journey of welcoming a new life is a bit complex and make the woman responsible for focusing on each of the small things like chronic conditions, rate of blood pressure, drugs they are using during or before pregnancy and most importantly the medical conditions. But while experiencing such changes and conditions in the body, it becomes essential to consult with Fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri. Specialist for Fetal Medicine Dr Vinayak Das assist the patients with the complications of pregnancy and meet them regularly to know better about the changes inside the body which in turn identifies the complications effectively. Close monitoring before, after and during pregnancy welcome more scope for prevention, diagnosis and adequate treatment by estimating the length of pregnancy. The impact of fetal medicine specialist is higher in recent time as the survey reveals that there is a 23% decrease in the maternal and infant mortality rate. The prevention becomes possible with the proper research, training, and experience gained by the specialist to overcome the infection, maternal bleeding, and obstructed labour.

What does a fetal medicine specialist exactly do?

The scope and impact of fetal medicine explain a lot about the importance and benefits of this innovative treatment procedure. In cities like Siliguri, medical facilities are helping many people through effective counselling and diagnosis in advanced medical centres. But the question arises in the mind of people about the role of fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri. Dr Vinayak Das makes the thing simple and easy by pre-pregnancy and antenatal counselling where the essential factors regarding the complications and fetal abnormalities are discussed and closely monitored by structuring the weeks of diagnosis. During the first 11 to 14 weeks the complications are well measured where the doctor identify the abnormalities. Specialist for Fetal Medicine The next level of scanning starts for another 18 to 19 weeks of pregnancy where the specialist starts the screening for down syndrome and chromosomal defects with some of the useful tests. Even the scanning include 3D, 4D and Doppler scans to measure the limit and to take out the fluid around the fetus. The removal of the fluid in a few cases is become essential to reduce the dangerous consequences of excess fluid inside the body. Various scanning and intra-uterine transfusion will allow the blood to the fetus inside the womb and save the life of babies and the mother. The specialist does close monitoring before birth to manage the problems of twin pregnancy or some other diseases. Fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri also welcomes the previous history of the physical defects in the baby or any connection with the previous pregnancy in the family as well.

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