Fetal Disorder Requires Pre-birth Medical Attention

Fetal Disorder Requires Pre-birth Medical Attention


The fetal disorder is one of the leading high-risk pregnancy problems which catches the health of unborn babies. During this disorder, the baby will be in the womb but still, some have the issues with their organs and the formation of the body parts. This indicates how the body function of the unborn babies is working and how the bodies are turning the food into energy. In Siliguri, many big pregnancy issues have been solved and achieved, the fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri also considers this birth defects seriously and asks to seek medical attention on time.

Reducing The Risk Of Birth Defects

The first important thing is to know the root cause of the defects and it generally happens due to the environment cause, problems in the genes or sometimes the combination of both. A very large portion of pregnancy patients gets exposed with certain birth defects due to medications, infections and chemicals. Knowing the reason for the disorders makes the diagnosis step clear and easy but still, some of the fetal defects are unknown.

This defect can become a huge problem if it isn't diagnosed on time but it doesn't mean that the defect cannot be preventable, the defects can definitely be preventable if some of the following steps are undertaken seriously-

  • See the gynaecologist before getting pregnant
  • With proper consultation take multivitamins before and during pregnancy
  • Get the information of all the risk factors
  • Know the timing or moment when an immediate pregnancy treatment is needed
  • Always maintain a healthy weight and use the medications sincerely
  • Without any non-medical reasons do not use any type of drugs
  • Avoid the harmful things and pay attention to the health conditions before pregnancy

Early Medical Attention The Better Choice

The well reliable and trusted obstetrician-gynaecologist (ob-gyn) of Siliguri also recommends the patients to come for the check-up before the situation gets worst. Scheduling a visit to the specialist is always a good idea before getting pregnant through which the patient can talk about whether she has the risk factor that can increase the chances of birth defects in child or not. The pregnancy specialists will surely provide the idea of the special care that you need before or during pregnancy.

The fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri always asks women to not hide any certain medical conditions during the appointment. If the personal health condition of a want to be mother is known then, certain changes in the treatment and improvement of the fetal disorders can be done on time. 


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