Fetal Medicine Specialist For Fetal Abnormalities

Fetal Medicine Specialist For Fetal Abnormalities


Pregnancy is a crucial time for a couple, especially a mother who is carrying the child in her body. There are many health concerns regarding the mother as well as the fetus that is growing in her body. A gynecologist and obstetrician can be of great help during this stage in a couple’s life, that is when they are ready to bring new life to this planet.

For consultation during pregnancy, you can consult an experienced fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri who is an expert in this field. The situations in which genetic testing is usually conducted are mentioned as follows:

  • The woman has crossed 34 years of age. The age of the father is to be noted too. This is because chromosomal abnormalities are often more frequently recorded in children with older parents.
  • In case an in-depth relative of either parents suffers from a genetic illness, there is a 50/50 chance that the parent will pass on this condition to the to-be-born child.
  • If the mother has previously had a stillborn child who had visible indications of having some form of genetic illness, chances are high that the next child might be born with the same condition. Same goes for a child who is mobile but is born with a deformity - the next child has high probability of having the same condition.
  • Chromosomal issues related to the foetus can cause multiple miscarriages. If the mother has already experienced more than two miscarriages in the past, she might give birth to a child with a chromosomal abnormality.


A very advanced technique of treating fetal abnormalities is conducting fetal surgeries while the fetus is still in the womb. Alternatively, after the baby is born, they might have to undergo surgery. Stem cell therapy and genomic treatment are other treatment methods which are still being explored.

Genetic testing, as mentioned above, helps in determining pre-existing genetic or chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus. It is even more useful when it is combined with a blood test. This is usually referred to as first trimester screening as per medical terminologies.

Usually there is a plethora of information with a specialist for fetal medicine in Siliguri. In case there is a pre-existing condition in either or both of the couple chances might be that the child will also be born with the same condition. This includes congenital heart defects as well. The fetal medicine specialist will know the right treatment method that would be suitable for your child and help them in living a life that is of better quality.

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