How a Fetal Medicine Specialist Helps You During Pregnancy

How a Fetal Medicine Specialist Helps You During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a magical time for anyone and their family and everyone wants the best care for their unborn child. During pregnancy, the body and its psychological processes go through numerous changes. Sometimes during pregnancy complications happen which can affect the health of the baby and the child. During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman needs proper care to ensure the health and well-being of the child and herself.


Fetal medicines specialists or also called high-risk pregnancy doctors are healthcare specialists who help pregnant women take care of themselves in case of a complicated or high-risk pregnancy. If you're going through a complicated pregnancy then you need to visit and consult with the best fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri who will provide the best care and the help you need.


A high-risk pregnancy is the kind of pregnancy that involves high health risks for the pregnant person's fetus or both. In high-risk pregnancies, you may need extra care before, during, and after birth to help in lowering the possibility of complications. High-risk pregnancies can happen due to certain medical conditions and age. High-risk pregnancies don't always mean you'll face problems, provided with special care many people experience healthy pregnancies and normal deliveries.


About 6 to 8% of all pregnancies in the world and 20 to 30% of all pregnancies in India belong to the high-risk category. Fortunately, with early and special prenatal care many women with high-risk pregnancies can have healthy babies and safe outcomes. A diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy can entail lifestyle changes which is why you need a strong support system and good consultation and care.


You may experience a high-risk pregnancy if you have pre-existing health conditions, pregnancy-related health conditions, lifestyle factors which include heavy smoking, drinking, drug use, or exposure to toxic things, and if your age is under 17 or over 35. The symptoms include abdominal pain, chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, high fever, vaginal bleeding, heart palpitations, and severe headaches that don’t go away.


After you reach out to a good healthcare specialist they do blood and urine testing, ultrasonography, and biophysical profile to monitor the conditions of the pregnancy and the fetus. They provide plans depending on how risky the condition of the pregnancy is. Those plans can include closer follow-up with your obstetrician, consultation with a good fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri, more ultrasounds and closer fetal evaluation, blood pressure monitoring from home, and careful monitoring of medication. Take special care of yourself ad special one during a high-risk pregnancy with a good fetal medicine specialist.    

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