Knowing Prenatal Genetic Testing – Why Beneficial?

Knowing Prenatal Genetic Testing – Why Beneficial?


Prenatal testing which includes screening and diagnostic tests can provide important and valuable information about the baby's health. Although optional prenatal testing provides information about genetic disorders or birth anomalies the baby might have. 


If you are worried about the health of your unborn baby you can visit genetic doctors in Siliguri to get prenatal testing. It is very important in determining different options for the pregnancy or different management for the delivery to improve the outlook for the baby. 


There are two types of prenatal tests that you can choose to do which are as follows:


Screening Tests


These tests are generally done during the first or the second trimester and can help you identify whether the baby is more or less likely to have certain birth defects many of which can be genetic disorders. The screening tests during the first trimester usually involve an ultrasound examination and a sample of your blood while tests for the second trimester only include a blood sample. Its results are usually available during a week but these tests can’t make a definitive diagnosis and you need a diagnostic test to confirm the results.


Diagnostic Tests 


These tests are done in conditions like if the screening test indicates a possible complication, if your age is causing problems or if you're at a high risk of having a baby with a genetic problem due to family or medical history. Different types of diagnostic tests have different accuracy rates depending on which test you're doing. Although diagnostic tests are the best way to have a definitive diagnosis some diagnostic tests can carry a slight risk of miscarriage.


There are many reasons you might consider or be recommended this test and all pregnant women regardless of their age have the option to undergo a prenatal test. As the age of a woman increases so does the chance of having a baby with an abnormal chromosomal activity which makes your age the most common reason for prenatal testing. 


Other reasons you might consider prenatal testing can include:


  • Irregular screening test results
  • Family history with a genetic condition
  • Abnormal ultrasound results
  • Personal history or previous child with a genetic condition
  • History of miscarriage or stillbirth


You can also do prenatal genetic testing to find out more about the health of the growing baby. As the choice to perform the test is yours it is best to discuss it with your healthcare provider to understand the tests better and to get expert advice on the matter.


You can visit good genetic doctors in Siliguri to understand and undergo prenatal genetic testing with specialized care. If you are worried about the health of your baby or have any other reason to undergo prenatal genetic testing you can go to a genetic doctor for the best consultation and treatment.  

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