Genetic Doctors in Siliguri

Genetic Doctors in Siliguri

A genetic doctor may be a specialist who offers genetic counselling for people and families with genetic disorders. A genetic consultant or thegenetic doctors in Siliguri can assist you within the diagnosis of genetic disorders and treatment like chromosomal abnormalities causing birth defects and retardation.

What does the Genetic Doctor evaluate?

What does the Genetic Doctor evaluate?
  • • Assesses a patient’s health records and risk of uncovering genetic or gene-related diseases and ailments
  • • Diagnoses genetic disorders and conditions
  • • Counsels patients about genetic disorders and their risk of inheriting or passing along genetic disorders. Counselling includes providing emotional and psychological support and referrals.
  • • Consults together with your personal physician and other specialists about genetic test results and to develop and monitor your treatment plan
  • • Oversees genetic laboratory procedures and operations

What are the disorders that genetic doctor deals with?

The genetic doctors in Siligurihelps you with the diagnosis and early detection of the following genetic disorders with latest and advanced procedures.

  • • Chromosomal disorders including mongolism (Down syndrome), trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome), and trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)
  • • Congenital anomalies or birth defects including harelip and birth defect, heart and kidney defects, rachischisis, and clubfoot
  • • Inherited genetic disorders including CF, red blood cell anaemia, hereditary hemochromatosis, hereditary deafness, haemophilia, Marfan syndrome, Huntington’s disease, and inborn errors of metabolism, like phenylketonuria (PKU), fructose intolerance, and glycogen storage disorders
  • • Multifactorial disorders including arthritis, diabetes, cancer, obesity, a heart condition, and high vital sign. A mixture of genetic and environmental factors causes these disorders.

How to find the best genetic doctor?

Best Genetic Doctor Siliguri

While you're researching for a clinical geneticist on the web or around, you want to undergo the reviews and experiences. you want to also consider the doctor with the subsequent traits.

  • • An empathetic approach to patients and families
  • • Communicating information both verbally and in writing in appropriate ways
  • • Being prepared to stay up-to-date with advances in clinical genetics
  • • Working in multidisciplinary teams
  • • Teaching and supervising trainees
  • • Promoting public awareness of ethical and moral issues associated with genetic testing

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