Pregnancy Pains Got You Down?

Pregnancy Pains Got You Down?


Experiencing some bits of pains in different parts of the body is a common thing during pregnancy. There’s nothing to worry about the pains even if it is getting you down. The fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri believes the pain might come as surprise for first time pregnant woman. But for the ones who have experienced it before during previous pregnancy, it’s a normal thing.

Table of Contents: 

  • How can you cope up with different pains during pregnancy?
  • Back pain
  • Pubic pain
  • Rib pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Leg cramps
  • Conclusion

How can you cope up with different pains during pregnancy?

Back pain

The back pain during pregnancy will happen either in lower or upper, between shoulder blades. This pain typically happens during the second trimester. The growing uterus is considered as the main cause of back pain during pregnancy. The fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri agrees with the posture changes during pregnancy. The change with a curved spine and the use of muscles in new ways may result in back pain.

Pubic pain

This type of pain is quite commonly seen in the pregnant patient who had babies before. The advancement of pregnancy softens the ligaments and joints. When this happens, the pubic joint might become susceptible to soreness and tenderness. This goes on to be the cause of pubic pain.

Rib pain

As the size of your abdomen increase, the muscles in the stomach might separate. Because of this particular thing, your ribs might bow out. Also due to this, stretching and inflammation of the cartilage might take places which connects ribs to the breastbone. When this happens during pregnancy rib pain can be experienced. 

Carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel pain happens due to the loosening effects of relaxin. The fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri also believes pregnancy-related swelling and wrist pain to be the cause. Carpal tunnel is the common ailment occurring during the second and third trimester. This condition will give numbness, tingling or stiffness in hands and fingers.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps are the type of pain which are more likely to happen during pregnancy. The specialist for pregnancy marks weight gain, pinching of nerves and circulation changes as the main cause. But thankfully, the leg cramp pain will not last very long.

Only a few pregnant patients will go through nine months of pregnancy without these pains. The fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri also explains the pain not completely linked with pregnancy. It is because there might be some pains which might have been there before pregnancy without your realization.

Note: Almost 80 percent of pregnant women reports about experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy. This is why the pains and aches during pregnancy are never considered a surprise condition.

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