Reasons for High-Risk Pregnancy

Reasons for High-Risk Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the best phases of life not only for women, but also for their families. According to the experts, during pregnancy, the body of the mother and its physiological processes go through many changes. Therefore, it is more prone to certain conditions. Normally, during the pregnancy, a woman has to take extra care, but in some unfortunate conditions, the chances and risks during pregnancy is higher. It affects the mother as well as the mother. These are known as high-risk pregnancy. While it is harmful and needs intensive care but there are successful treatments for these conditions. A specialist for fetal medicine handles the cases of high-risk pregnancy.

What are the factors causing high-risk pregnancy?

There are many reasons that causes high-risk pregnancy and some particular women are more prone to this condition of complications in pregnancy. It requires special attention of a specialist for fetal medicine.

Chronic Health Conditions

Several health conditions that might be present in women from a long time before pregnancy. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, anaemia, etc. However, these conditions can be treated with the help of an expert but it increases the risks and complexes in pregnancy.


Weight play a big role in not only the conceiving but also during pregnancy and delivery. It can cause several problems especially in pregnant women. The overweight or obesity can indirectly cause problems like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, thyroid, and birth defects in the baby.


Advanced age creates difficulties in pregnancy and conceiving. The age-related problems can occur and make the body of the women inhospitable for the baby and cause health issues for the mother and baby. Not only in advanced age, but complications can also occur if the mother is conceiving at a younger age.

Multiple birth

When a woman carries more than one fetus, it can cause risks to the baby and mother at the same time. The risks are preeclampsia, stillbirth, preterm labour and preterm birth. It can lead to serious conditions.

However, there are many other factors that may be idiopathic. You must consult the doctor in case you have really painful pregnancies. Nevertheless, generally the pregnant women should go through a regular check up to ensure that everything is normal. Learn more about the signs and symptoms that can occur during your pregnancy period that could indicate high risk pregnancy.

A specialist for fetal medicine helps to treat in case of any complications occur in the mother and fetus. Women with high-risk pregnancies need special attention and consultation from a professional. You must ask the doctor for the care remedies and lifestyle changes that you could to do reduce the chances of risks in your pregnancy.

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