Special Service For High Risk Mother and Child

Special Service For High Risk Mother and Child


The OB/GYN Physicians are there to help the mother and her baby during the time of pregnancy. The situation of high-risk pregnancy in the region is often solved with the inclusion of fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri.

Here, the care for mother and her upcoming little star is on the next level. The most advanced technology and effective treatment procedure are applied for protecting and assuring good health of both. Those who need extra care and support will get the services that they deserve at the pregnancy healthcare centres of Siliguri.

Special services available for mother and child

The following are the most effective and common services given by fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri to high-risk moms and babies.

Pre-pregnancy counseling

It is the services which opens the window of opportunity for health promotion before pregnancy. With this basic help, the partners will understand the health issues that may affect mother and child. It is also the service that provides enough knowledge to make an informed decision on pregnancy.

Genetic Counselling

This service is very vital to know whether any genetics condition is being transferred to the unborn baby or not. With the help of a screening test, any abnormal conditions resulted by the heredity connection on child and mother will be known. Routinely genetic counselling service is available for the patients at Siliguri.

Extensive ultrasound

The ultrasounds tests are really prominent during tests during pregnancy. This will instruct the multiple pregnancies and also help in picking up the abnormalities. It is usually a technique used for checking the development of the baby inside the mother and the functioning work.

Diabetes management

Diabetes in women should be managed for clearing out the doubt of high-risk pregnancy. Women with diabetes at a childbearing age should consult with the specialist on time. This is done to ensure good health of the mother and the successful delivery of the baby.


This procedure involves removal of a small amount of amniotic fluid from the mother's uterus. That amniotic fluid surrounds the baby in the womb and also contains the cells of a baby. The cells are used to find if the baby has any genetic abnormalities.

A good training, professionalism and experience are the requirement and fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri has these qualities. Intensive care is needed when there is a high risk on mother and child which will be dealt with the services.














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