Vaginal Progesterone Prevents Preterm Birth

Vaginal Progesterone Prevents Preterm Birth


Progesterone is a hormone that helps in the female uterus growing process during pregnancy. The progesterone also keeps the womb from having the contractions. If the contractions occur in you during early pregnancy then it can lead to miscarriage. This is also the risk indication for your baby's health before 20 weeks of pregnancy. The later pregnancy gets help from progesterone as it makes your breasts ready to prepare milk.

For this exact reason, the specialist for fetal medicine in Siliguri recommends progesterone treatment. One of the main treatment option related to progesterone is the vaginal progesterone which largely assists is reducing the preterm birth. 

Table of Contents :

1.  What is vaginal progesterone?

2.  What things should you discuss with your healthcare provider before using  vaginal progesterone?    

3.  Conclusion

What is vaginal progesterone?

The vaginal progesterone is the type of treatment which provides help in preventing premature birth. But, in order to make this process work successfully, the two conditions must describe you. First is you having the short cervix and second is you being pregnant with just one baby. If both the conditions describe you then the specialist for fetal medicine in Siliguri will provide you with the prescription. There are other uses of vaginal progesterone in medical conditions such as:

  • Using it to cause menstrual periods to the ones who haven't reached the menopause stage.
  • It is also used to prevent overgrowth of the lining of the uterus in postmenopausal women.
  • The lack of natural progesterone can make women unable to get pregnant. Therefore, it is also used in fertility treatment as part of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

What things should you discuss with your healthcare provider before using vaginal progesterone?    

The foremost thing that the specialist will confirm is whether you are allergic to the reaction or not. If you have an allergic reaction then, you should not use vaginal progesterone. If you have any history of stroke, blood clot or circulation problems then tell these things to the doctor. Many patients also are found with abnormal vaginal bleeding. If you have such abnormality then, tell about this to your specialist for fetal medicine in Siliguri.

Discuss the type of food allergy and the tubal pregnancy if you have recently undergone. To make sure about the safety of the medicine, you should tell the doctor about your current health condition. The health condition may include high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, kidney disease and risk factors of coronary artery disease.     

The success rate of vaginal progesterone is quite good if the medications are followed according to the prescription. So, it would be better to go for treatment with the support of specialist for fetal medicine in Siliguri and reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Note: The featured blog consists of the application content for the treatment related to pregnancy. Dr Vianyak Das from Siliguri uses all the experience of dealing with high-risk pregnancy condition and gives the much-awaited result.

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