Why Is Prenatal Genetic Testing Important?

Why Is Prenatal Genetic Testing Important?


Pregnancy can be an amazing and stressful experience as the mother needs to provide enough care and attention to the growing baby. Although most pregnancies result in a healthy baby there are still some chances of problems emerging during a pregnancy which can lead to complications.


Prenatal genetic testing is testing that provides information on the baby's health and diagnose conditions that the baby can develop. You can visit good genetic doctors in Siliguri to get expert advice, and good diagnosis and to maintain the health of the growing baby to have a healthy pregnancy.  


These tests give parents information about genetic disorders like down syndrome or birth abnormalities the unborn baby can have. Although this test is optional you can get it in addition to routine pregnancy testing or if the doctor recommends it as it provides a diagnosis that helps families and doctors decide about the pregnancy.


Genetic disorders or genetic abnormalities are caused by changes in the genes or chromosomes and they can also be inherited disorders that are caused by a gene mutation. These disorders can affect the health of the baby and the mother and depending on the condition and can cause severe problems and complications.


There are two main types of prenatal genetic testing that help diagnose the conditions affecting the unborn baby and help parents make informed decisions. The two types of tests are as follows:


Screening Tests 


Screening tests are the type of tests that help identify the amount of risk the baby has of developing birth defects which can be genetic disorders. These tests are usually done during the first or the second trimester of the pregnancy and it includes a blood test, ultrasound, and prenatal cell-free DNA screening. Although a screening test is done to see if the baby has certain conditions it cannot provide a definite diagnosis and if your tests indicate a higher risk of a disorder a diagnostic test is needed to confirm.


Diagnostic Tests 


Diagnostic test or invasive prenatal diagnostic tests are done when the screening test a possible problem within the pregnancy or if it indicates higher risks of the baby having a genetic condition. These tests give a definitive diagnosis of the problem but they should be done when doctors recommend it and with proper information of the process as it can carry a slight risk of miscarriage.


To get the most information about these tests you need to visit genetic doctors in Siliguri as they can provide expert medical counseling and help you make good decisions. They also help keep the pregnancy healthy and provide diagnosis and treatments to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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