Nuchal Translucency Scan in Siliguri

Nuchal Translucency Scan in Siliguri

A nuchal translucency screening, or NT screening, maybe a specialized routine ultrasound performed at the top of the primary trimester of pregnancy. It helps doctors determine if a baby is statistically more likely to possess a chromosomal abnormality. NT focuses on a little, clear space at the rear of a growing baby's neck called the nuchal fold. According to the best nuchal translucency scan in Siliguri, have found that this spot tends to accumulate fluid in babies with chromosomal abnormalities.

Who should get a nuchal translucency screening?

Nuchal Translucency Scan in Siliguri

A nuchal translucency screen is suggested for all pregnant women and is usually one among several routine prenatal tests during the primary trimester. It’s ultimately up to you whether you've got prenatal testing. The results can assist you to make prenatal care decisions. If follow-up testing diagnoses a chromosomal disorder, it can allow you to organize beforehand for your child’s special needs.

When a nuchal translucency screening is required?

The nuchal translucency scan in Siliguri is typically done between weeks 11 1/2 and 13 1/2, but it must be performed between week 10 and week 13 of pregnancy. Then, the tissue gets thicker and is not any longer translucent, so test results become inconclusive.

How an NT screening is completed?

Nuchal Translucency Scan in Siliguri

An NT may be a special sort of ultrasound employing a very sensitive but safe machine. A sonographer will apply a transducer (wand) to the surface of your stomach to live your baby from crown to rump and make sure the fertilization age is accurate. Then he or she is going to locate the nuchal fold and measure its thickness on the screen. The nuchal translucency measurement chart, plus your age and baby's fetal age, are going to be entered into an equation that calculates the probability of a chromosomal abnormality.

How to prepare for a nuchal translucency screening?

According to the best nuchal translucency scan in Siliguri, you get the best results if you undergo the ultrasound with a full bladder, so try to not attend the toilet right before you've got your test. The person performing the NT scan can also ask you to drink a glass of water before you start. Dr Vinayak Das, is the leading fetal medicine specialist and provides the latest treatment procedures and at an affordable nuchal translucency scan cost.

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